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Sony’s successor to the α7RIV is a minor change, but is it equipped with a 8K video function?

Sony’s successor to the α7RIV is a minor change, but is it equipped with a 8K video function? According to rumors, the successor to Sony α7RIV, the successor to the Sony α7RIV, is likely to be a minor change. The major change is the realization of 8k/30p videos by 9.7k over sampling. The 8K video is the second following the α1, but the number of over 바카라 -sampling pixels is different, so it is likely that a more elaborate depiction will be possible. Others are updates based on α1, and real -time tracking with 759 -point plane phase difference AF and 425 -point contrast AF and real -time pupil AF are possible with various animals. The EVF is about 9.44 million dots OLED, and the LCD monitor is about 2.36 million dots variangle touch panels. The recording media is a compatible double slot of CFEXPRESS TYPE A and SD UHS-II. In addition, a 10 -bit HEIF format can be recorded in still images. In principle, color moire is eliminated by the fact that 16 pixel shift multi -shots can generate ultra -high resolution images and RGB generation in each pixel. The continuous shooting is the same as about 10 frames per second and α7RIV. There were rumors that the α7RV would be 100 million pixels, but new rumors have denied it. The number of pixels is about 61 million pixels as α7RIV. Or a 100 million pixel digital camera different from the α7R series may debut. The problem is the price, but the price is slightly higher than the α7RIV, but it does not significantly increase the price. It seems to be a fairly strategic price for Sony. Canon and Nikon are noticeable how they move to a multi -pixel 35mm trial mirrorless camera. Postscript Leica Camera and Panasonic will further deepen the cooperative system and strengthen their partnerships by joint investment, joint development, and joint marketing. The two companies have been collaborating since 2008. I took it with RAW, developed it with Adobe Lightroom, and converted it to JPEG. As I wrote before, I always shoot with RAW+JPEG with this camera, but it’s been a long time since I developed RAW (ORF file). In order to bring out Micro Four Thirds’s skills, it is certain that RAW should be developed. Olympus OM-D E-M5 MARKIII, M 75-300mm F4.8-6.7II, aperture F8, 1/800 seconds, ISO auto.

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