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Saving a house in Lee Station Manni

Covid-19 is quite simpler than when a friend has reached an extreme, but there are more than 10 documents and preparations that require when they left for Singapore to get home. It feels like a ship owner asks you to prepare all kinds of things, such as certificate of origin, packaging statement, and quarantine certificate.

Nevertheless, the ‘guy’ began to spread rapidly around the world. Singapore was no exception. When I searched the news article, I heard that I would stop selling tickets tomorrow. The world was not enough to answer the question of why we gave us trials. I had to ticket at an expensive price by crying and eating mustard.

But the worst was again. Only three to four months ago (a search at the time of the first interview of the first company), the monthly rent price, which was available in 2,000 SGDs (Singapore Dollar), was forming a 3,000 SGD price, which has risen more than 1,000 SGD. Even though it was the same house. I was very embarrassed. Honestly, this salary began to question whether it was the right decision. Nevertheless, my wife didn’t worry much.


She was also a cozy.

My wife, who shouted ‘Go even if you can’t eat’ and I should have decided to have some of the homes in advance, but I needed to choose whether to go to HDB, to condo, or to go to a regular house. HDB literally speaks of an apartment, which is very similar to Korean apartments. Condo is also the same condo we think, and there is a mix of facility such as a swimming pool and a gym in the condo. Lastly, a general house is a luxury house with a yard and a garage.

Eventually, it was divided into HDB and condominium, which was decided as a condo to use security facilities and facility. Although the condo is more expensive than HDB, the condo may have been inevitable because it is usually the first pick of foreign workers and cannot give up these facility.

It was time to bet on what kind of condominium it is. Six candidates were selected, including two rooms, one or more balcony, partial furniture placement, and a direct proximity of direct proximity within a minimum of 30 minutes. We found a house using an application called ‘Property Gru’. It was not awkward at all for the first time to search for detailed conditions, including the personality and location of the house, the other options, and the detailed viewing photos. It took no time more than any other preparation.

Singapore was also able to trade directly or traded through real estate agents like Korea. However, the direct deal had to literally make a promise to the owner directly with the owner and found a contract that was not known well, and knew the laws related to local real estate contracts. Of course, it was a chance to save agent costs, but there was no time and no confidence to find it by direct deal.

The ‘house’, which means to settle, is also precious, but it is also a strong support for a long time. We decided not to see such a house, but to contain the meaning of money that you get as much as you enter. The company decided to invest in agent costs. Fortunately, with the help of a wipe acquaintance, I was able to ask the local agent without difficulty, and asked for six condos.

As soon as I arrived at Incheon International Airport, I was contacted by the agent. She was informed that four out of six condos were contracted. If you have one or two, you can pass it, but it seemed to lie. It was too wasteful to invest in the fact that only two had to go. When I was worried about it, I added three again to see if the upset situation was perfect. I thought that the recommendation of the agent would not fit us.

She said, “I just have to go.”

There was no energy. I was tired. I had to go though. It was a vacation that could not be rebuilt, and it was already the airport. She was steamed 바카라사이트 on her plane with her heart.

She arrived in Singapore. She still felt like she was on a trip, so she felt so bad. Agent picked up at the hotel we caught and greeted you.

“Hi, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

I couldn’t help it with what I was faithful to the textbook. It was a very natural answer that automatically popped out. And the subsequent agent’s inner firefighting English poured out. It was unfamiliar and did not hear it well. But my wife understood and answered quite a bit. My wife was also unfamiliar. As time went by, I felt something wrong. I was alone. Later, when the conversation was broken, I asked a little bit of Korean. Somehow, Wife’s listening skills have earned their ears in Hong Kong and Macau, and they are not everything but more than 50%. Perhaps he was fortunate.

The reason why Sing English was unfamiliar is that, unlike the English we knew, we put ‘LAH, LEH’ at the end of the sentence. I don’t know what it means to stick to something, but it was hard to understand the accent. It turned out that it was ‘their own English’ where Chinese pronunciation and English were mixed. In fact, local schools and academies say that they do not speak English. This is because it can be possible here, but it does not work in the world. Like the difference between P and F pronunciation, which is often wrong with Koreans. Anyway, by such a difficult conversation, I reached my first viewing condo.

The first house that local agent showed was shock and fear itself. It was called ‘Parc Condominium’ and it was also a steamed place in Korea and the largest flat water. However, it is right to say that the house should be seen directly. The places to repair everywhere were full, the wall paint was peeled off, the iron was rusted, the washbasin was divided, and even the spider web was seen. It seemed to go beyond the extent that the landlord made the management poor. From the first house, my heart began to be uncomfortable. But we only saw the first house. I courageously went to another house.

The second house was a condo called ‘Clement Canopy’. New construction in 2019! In addition, my wife was praised for the beautiful swimming pool. It was different from the entrance. As if they were in the French garden, the palms were welcoming. As soon as I entered the front door, the emerald swimming pool was like seawater on any Jeju Island. One white man encountered us with a book lying in Sunbed. He looked happy. I was impressed. This place was so different from the first house. It was no different from the feeling of the view. I was fluttering on the 34th floor. At the same time, the other couples were in the middle of the door, so we waited in front of the door. It seemed to wait at the restaurant. I wanted to be this house. Finally, the door opened, and a foreign couple and a small and cute child introduced the house. The first thing I saw was the living room and the veranda, and the wind was so bad that day, the children’s toys all over the house began to fly. At that moment, my wife looked at me once. What kind of communication is something that’s what they are. I reported the room again, but the narrow indoor space and the intense wind that were impressive decided to leave only as a ‘pool in our heart’.

The third house is ‘Sky Vue’. It was the first pick of agent. During the way, I told you the advantages of this house as a rap gun like a rap. Located in BISHAN, Singapore, it is easy to reach anywhere in east and west, and emphasized the surrounding facilities such as food centers, large malls and parks. He climbed on the high floor and showed a view like a condo name. There was a thing that was almost missing a car. ‘Direct proximity’ we thought importantly. When I calculated the street, it took about an hour. I could not spend two hours round trip while killing. She was persuaded to persuade it to dry.

The fourth house is called ‘Centro Residence’. The rent was the cheapest house. My wife said he liked the structure the most. The kitchen and the living room were the only condo where the separate space and kitchen were hidden. However, I had to go on my way again because of the clutter of the cluttered tenants, the trash view, and the ‘SKY Vue’. The fear that I can’t find a house seems to have started from the fourth house.

Last fifth house. ‘Commonwealth Towers’. There was a waterfall at the entrance of the front door. It seemed to have worked hard on landscaping. And it has a black collar as a whole, so it was impressed by the modern and clean. Like other places, there was a swimming pool, one more on the second floor and a private jacuzzi. As I passed by, I also liked the tennis court, the gym and the barbecue. There was even a private library and a party room (dining room). At that time, the agent said that the subway station and the bus stop were directly connected to the condo. There was no place like this.

“My lifetime, when shall we live in a buffet area?”

There was also a tenant here. It was a Chinese couple, but there was a child, but I was using it neatly. I didn’t like the original sofa, but it didn’t matter. It has been a long time since I had to worry about such trivial parts. I already liked the outside of Condo, so I added a part of the bad interior.

The next day I decided to contract this house. It was all good, but I was a little expensive. I needed a deal with the owner. How much will it be. It was an important moment. I was worried that I would get rid of the landlord’s nerves. Too little Nego felt a bit lost. I had to think about the price at the middle point. I started to walk around the real estate application. We also returned our homeowners and tenants.

On the third day, I dealed with the price at that price. I approved the price I wanted to see if I was lucky! After a while, I asked the agent to be wrapped up. At the end of the sign, the heart that was left was down to some extent. I learned later, but the company shuttle bus came to the bus stop in front of the condo. There was also a park promenade around the house. I thought everything was perfect. In my head until the end, the Clement Canopy Pool passed by. But my house was decided as ‘Commonwealth Towers’.

The Singapore House Saving Project was also difficult to find a house, but the ART prosecutor was very bothered by us. Not only did not all hospitals do it, but it was only possible to go out after finding and booking a designated specialized hospital, being inspected, and uploading it to the government agency app. The self -kit and PCR tests were quickly convinced in the place where I was on the way, but the ART test ate our time for half a day. Still, I was not looking at us and I was not looking at it, but I was very worried about it. It’s to prepare for the unknown situation.

12.4.1 24:00

It is a little awkward to be a little awkward with the lagoon and dinner that decided to have a lagoon and a meal with Jinwoo’s arrangement. Jinwoo, who entered the restaurant with his arms folded in the middle, ordered the order. “The boss, please give me a cider and three servings. Fast.” “I’ll do it at high speed. Sit down.” “Increase the menu. Police Baekban Special !! It comes out in a minute!”

Sit face to the lagoon. Jin -woo, who follows the cup in the cup and looks at the atmosphere, opens his mouth. “My brother, without a break .. What is that song, not suited? I think I was drunk and sang once, but when I was alumni someday .. Right?” “I don’t know, of course I don’t remember if I was drunk. Was it not good?”

“No, at all! The atmosphere was really good. I didn’t know that there was a story and a story. When I was young, did you know at that time?”

The lagoon looks at the side, but Ji -yul deliberately avoids his eyes. “Jiyul’s mother liked it. In my memory, it was very small and pretty, but the personality was tough. My father is big and Honam type, but …? Dancing and singing with the kids .. I almost lived in that house, I learned it by itself. I used it later. “” Where do you use it?

“It’s not a dance .. I, my grandfather was a pastor. Every year, I did a hymn with a church association every year, but in that year, the final date overlapped with other things. I decided to go to the ski resort, but I did it every year, and I had a grandfather’s face, so I had to go out, but I didn’t want to go to the finals. You were born for me, and I was made for you, now I don’t know anything, everything is God’s will … “

“If you come out, hymns.” Jinwoo is. Full of trays, meals come out …. hurry up and hold a spoon. “I will enjoy this food…”

“Yes, if you come out, it’s all hymns. Every day, I secretly practiced at home and went to the qualifier day. I came with my brother, but I don’t remember? I just shouted with a flank card and made it loudly. “

That was. I think right now. Lee Seok -ho, Lee Seok -ho .. The stage that shouted at the side and the line next to the side, the stage that seemed unusually big .. “I couldn’t sing. So did you go to the ski resort with your friends? “

I notice for a while. Pick up a few rice pools and put them in a chopsticks. “… no. I was in an accident … I go to Busan.” Jinwoo stops. Pretend not to listen, and the lagoon is added casually.

“From elementary school, I have been there every year. There was a member. Family knew each other .. In winter, there was a child living in the ski resort, and their parents sometimes took us all. ? Getity knows. “Dr. Song went to skiing together? It’s surprising? It was bad between?”

“I didn’t go skiing together, and I was playing, but suddenly came, I took only the city. It was winter before the accident, the same year, the beginning …. Before the end of the season, it was a winter vacation that went up to 3. Maybe it was in February. I went to play once more before opening. ” Ji -yul stops eating for a while. Calculate …

“When I passed the medical school. Suddenly I got a bond and claimed that I was blown by Gangwon -do.” “Uh, right next to the ski resort. “A person who received a bond to gambling went home with his brother? Isn’t it strange?” Unnatural. Ji -yul is also stupid.

“How did you know that your little brother was 바카라 there? The big brother didn’t have a lot of conversation with us. “It’s likely that there is a third party, no brother?” The lagoon cares. Complex. Jinwoo is frustrated and urged.

“Look. A big brother who usually scared, shakes and controlled all, suddenly got a bond and went to the casino. It disappeared from there, and only my younger brother, who was playing well at the ski resort, went back home. Following Jinwoo, Ji -yul is supporting.

“Song Chang -ryul is a student, and there was no car. He was strange that he went to pick up a little brother who was not close.” The lagoon talks carefully. “I wish I wished, but just by looking at the situation …” I don’t have to speak.


12.4.2 Police Station

Three people come into a much darker face than when they go out. Jung -hwan and Park’s team are flew half -steps. Jeonghwan shouts. The voice ringing in the parking lot. “I’m sorry, I will work hard … Oh, rumored.”

I apologize for the disappearance of the back. I noticed the lagoon. The boss is a boss. “What do you have to pretend to sell?” The lagoon, noticed, goes to the elevator. “Go first. I’ll stop by.

Light rate also climbs stairs. Chanho calls in the hallway. “Detective Kang, a woman sitting over there, Detective Kang came.” Jinwoo is surprised and runs back together. A middle -aged woman wakes up after seeing Jinwoo. “Huh? Mother ..! How did you come? Sihwan knows, did you come?” “No, I don’t like coming. Just stop by for a while.

Call the rhythm of standing far away. “Yes, just now … Ji Yul, say hello. Sihwan is mother.” “Oh, hello .. I’ll see you for the first time ..” “…” “” As if the woman breathed, he couldn’t say anything and looked at it. Am embarrassed.

“It’s not Ji -yul … you’re glass? Song glass.” Two people who don’t know. Jinwoo wraps a woman. “Mother, are you okay? Would you like to sit for a while?” I shook my head and endured my crying, but tears pour. It approaches Ji -yul and strokes his face and arm. “I look like, I look a lot like my sister.

Ji -yul, who stands still with expressionless expressions, is trying to think of his memory, but his head is blank. “Mother, have you heard from Sihwan? You’re here?” I can’t speak and nod my head. Returns to the chair that was sitting earlier. People look at it and pass by. Sit the rhythm next to it, and instead Jinwoo explains. “But Ji Yul .. No Yuri, I lost her memory. Maybe my mother may not remember.”

Only then do you wipe your tears and calm down. Hold the hand of the rate. Even if you wipe it, you keep tears. “Yeah, I heard. I don’t do it, young kids. Adults, we’re all … how hard it was.” His hand is crushed. Sihwan’s mother smiles. “It’s okay. You’re good at fighting? It’s all I taught. Since I was drowned, I exercised, Sihwan and you and you … in our dojo ..

Tears flow again. Jinwoo stands next to it. Take out his handkerchief and hold it in his mother’s hand. “Oh, Jinwoo .. You’re a little better from the side? I still can’t believe it. .. You don’t think of it when you were young?

Ji -yul smiles. Mother laughs too. Soon I’m tearing again .. “I was like a smile, my mom was so pretty .. Oh, I’m busy when I talked about it, I’m busy. Don’t do it, it’s not good. I’ll go to buy it next time, huh?

“Yes, so. I didn’t have much to talk about my mother. My mother would do it. You were close?” Jinwoo answers instead. “Well, the two houses lived in front of the nose on purpose. 5 minutes on foot? I worked for my sister to work. Oh, I brought this. Wipe the falling tears and hand over a small paper bag.

“Moknu. You all made your mother one by one. You go out to serve, give you a dying person, pray in front of Seoul station, give them to homeless people. How much I liked the kids. “

“You know both of you are adopted? They also went to a nursery school, and your dad never had, my mom was barely brought. I thought I couldn’t have a child. I have a pretty daughter like you. Light rate is a little interest.

“What kind of nursery do you remember?” “Hey, are you curious now …” Jinwoo dries. “First .. Brother, Song Chang -ryul … Do you know which childcare center? Do you still have it?”

“Well, there. There, there’s a family who retired from the police before, so there are a lot of police wipes, go to serve, both came there. Sihwan’s mother smiles. “You’re a police officer. I was so young when I was young. My husband, my husband, I was envious that I would like to be half of you.

His head and see a woman. Then she slowly looks at her face. Sihwan’s mouth resembles, white skin .. Face … “Hyungsu! Why are you here? Did you come to see the glass?” Jong -tae, who was returning, greeted. “Oh, who is this? I see my uncle Jongtae. How much is it?” “I haven’t seen it because my brother didn’t put it in my house. Do you still like gold?”

“Ayu, it’s the main book, still.” Jokes and jokes are in close proximity. “If you see all the kids, where do you have a cup of tea?” “No. I’m going to get up. The kids are busy .. Yuri, I’ll go to my house next time. Oh, look at me.

“Everything is the size, the old song glass is the same. I don’t listen, I’m shit and house. “No, the subway.” “Go to the station, then. “Okay, that’s … Jinwoo, I’ll go? You have a good glass. Let’s see again?”

Greetings. Jong -tae and Going Mother … Ji -ryul looks into a paper bag. Rosary … There is a small cross. There are also twenty more. Jinwoo looks into the side. She rejoices like her work .. “Wow, there was something like this … Congratulations! Mom, one, right?”

Jing … Jinwoo receives the phone. Joe is the team leader. “Yes … no, I’m in the lobby on the first floor. Please tell me …. We are …? …. No, no team leader. .. “Two legs first know and climb the stairs by themselves.

12.4.3 Playroom

While Lihwa consults with the director of the playroom, Sihwan watches the children playing. She asks a nursery teacher. “Here, the son of the Sophia Hair Salon is also a son. We recommended him. I went to my head, and I complained that I had nothing to do with it. “Oh, are you? He’s a yellow tee .. I’m a beauty user, her baby’s hair is so pretty?”

“Beauty is freed .. But he’s not a husband? I don’t have a question.” “I don’t know.” You can’t tell you first. ” The woman tells a small sound. She lowers her voice. “Oh, remarriage .. Second ..?”

I look around and take out my care. I don’t have a friend’s friend. ” The woman put her finger on her mouth and shh .. and she went elsewhere.

She slowly approaches her. She helps to clean up lunch. Her child wipes her mouth with her chin that her child puts on her chin. Her mischief is well buried, put her play into her lips. Her sneaky, her child’s cutlet hides in her pocket and takes her hands to the bathroom. “I got something in the baby’s hand .. I can wash it? Can I use it here?”

A busy nursery teacher is grateful for taking care of other children. Take her child and go to the toilet for children. She wipes her nose with Kleenex. This is the case. She washed her hands and sent it to her seat. Her eyes signal to his face. Finish her consultation and get into the car with me.