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Orange and coffee, buttery bread

Orange juice on coffee. Orange latte. At first kitchen? It’s delicious, but is it delicious? There is a drink with coffee on a juice made of tangerine in a cafe in Jeju Island. Hmm. If you think about it, that union is not so bizarre. There is acid in coffee. I don’t like coffee with strong acidity -that series is more delicate (?), But it’s not my taste. It came from .

Anne (in the translation I first read, Anne.

There is such a novel. Read a novel when reading, rather than sitting here. I know you think, but you summon the speaker into your head. So is sorrow. Every time you read, come out of the room, let’s fight. Throughout the story, Cesil shows his inside and shows himself, so I really think that you are not censoring yourself now. Under one of the calm reading, there is an intense inner conversation …

Sadness, goodbye (François Sagang), white liquor’s demon (Ager Christie) quotes, and mentions.

Children often do not recognize that they are the same people as themselves. Parents often have childhood and privacy, mothers and fathers are grandmothers, grandfather’s children, often embarrassed children. Lemont treats Cesil as ‘as a cute cat’, but it doesn’t seem 크레이지슬롯 to be a person, or a person. In fact, Siril (Sesil’s Summer Limited Lovers) is also … Sorrow, Goodbye.

And what he did to Anne. Sadness, or guilt, just a few schemes, the life of someone else, which also stirs Anne’s life. And the pleasure I felt there. Guilt for that pleasure. I defined and accepted the feelings that Cesil felt at that time as sorrow, and fortunately, this novel was not like “Sesil The Rising.”

But today’s topic is Anne.

Since I first read, I was curious from deep in my heart. Why did you go there? It’s clear that it’s not a good thing to do when you see Cesil and Remong embarrassed. Remong called (I’ve ever said that if I’m too tired as a costume collection work, I have come here. “) Is it wrong? It may be the case when he reacted immediately after hearing that Elza (Lemon’s lover at that time) was here. But even though, Lemont’s usual behavior (‘Father is a little frivolous but business competent and always full of curiosity, but it’s tired of being tired of women. You must have known.

I didn’t think about that because I had no insights as well as Cesil (or Sagang). It’s a preconceived notion of this novel, but I made me more specifically the image of an elegant French woman.

Thanks to you, I like gray. Two things this novel left to me -orange+coffee+butter bread combination and gray.

For Anne, Ce -sil is a friend’s daughter. A friend has already died about 15 years ago, and Lemont, a friend husband, is a famous ragman. Perhaps the daughter of a friend who grew up at the convent school was not shipped to the world, but he was concerned about it. Lemont’s breakup with Elza (I have to express it more hard!) If you think about the role you played with Casino in the casino, you don’t have a guardian!

phew. Anyway, Anne … Why did you go there in that summer?

Some things get older to understand.

Anne thinks of the call of hormones, the impatience of whether I’m doing well now, and being shaken by social pressure. When you were young, the path you chose shines shining, and the boiled happily, maybe hard, but quickly, passing. When you get older and the sparkles wither, you can’t be happy. I had a traditional values, but I might have thought that something better on the road that I didn’t go might have had happiness. The person who always drives himself perfectly is satisfied with the moment he lives and is clean …

In fact, as you get older, you get energy, and as a lot of things get used to, new stimuli is rare, and the vanity is slightly faded, and the hormonal farming is added to it. I lived in different ways… I know with my head. I’m in a hurry to think that I’m older to modify the path, so I’m in a hurry to think that I should do it quickly. why not?! Anne, was there no person around?

And another person here.

Rosamund darnley of Ager Christie’s novel The Demon of the Sun. She is a successful businessman in the London apparel industry (Rose Mond LTD) and is the target of foalo’s eyes and praise.

Fua basically likes people with good heads. There should be physical charm there. After seeing the reaction in , I wanted to be a talented woman of this strag at first. I don’t want to accept it. Rosamond has such a good business sense, artistry, and tastes that Fua’s favorite is. Rosa Mand’s charm is the charm he can understand that Fuao’s preferred generation. So whenever Rosamond appears, Fua is as fascinated as to accept the favor. Even when she stares at her lies.

But Grossramond couldn’t avoid the missing traps …

Confidence in their capabilities, the envy of others, the accumulated all the time, and all of them shakes as soon as they faced the first love and childhood friend who had not seen for decades. And then … This is the hormone at this time and attacked in search of gaps.

But isn’t Ken Marshall a bit?

‘If you quit your business and go to the countryside with me, if you don’t like me as much as I stop (that much affection), I don’t need it.’ But does that ‘first love friend’ doubt Cophetua complex? I think I’m obsessed with the relative advantage (whether it is power or emotion) in relationships.

Really, she wants to do it, but if you don’t say anything, it’s useless to dry it. In fact, I don’t think it’s going to bring Miss Maffle. But unlike Anne, who left forever, Rosamond will go back to London and have time to look back. And I want to kick Ken Marshall.

So, they needed close sisters or decisive and thoughtful best friends. Especially not. When you told me to go to Lemont’s vacation, you slept properly, wasn’t your stressful work these days, you ate, ovulation or PMS. Let’s eat this and this, there’s a good drink here … If you talk again a few days later, there should be someone to say. People say that when you are not asleep or mentally gathered, you do not make that decision. Rosamond still has such friends when he goes back to London.

Add. Sesil is a stepmom candidate (Anne) and a man around him to break up his dad, and he makes a strategy. … but the background of the times is about 10 years old, but Sesil and Linda will be similar. It’s too narrow, but carefully, France vs. I think it’s England …

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