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[Nana Mizuki Live Report] “NANA MIZUKI LIVE HOME 2022” August 7, 2022 AT Saitama Super Arena (OKMUSIC)

Nana Mizuki’s tour “NANA MIZUKI LIVE HOME 2022” was held for the first time in about three years. On August 7, at the Saitama Super Arena performance, she sang a total of 24 songs, including live songs, mainly the songs on her latest album “Delighted Reviver”, and the joy of returning to “Live = Home Ground”. It exploded with it. A set like a set in the western United States, the logo sign of the tour title is the word “Welcome Back to Our Home Ground”. Mizuki wearing a Western hat appeared and the first voice saying, “Everyone is back!” The stage started with the “7th” single “NEW SENSATION” released in 2003. With the catchy rabbit, positive lyrics, and the unique arrangement of live performances, the interaction between Mizuki and the back band Cherry Boys attracts the audience. Next, he will hang out “GO LIVE!” From the beginning, the positive song with the power is fully opened, so that the back starts with the momentum pushed. A powerful ale like Mizuki has awakened the real pleasure of everyone’s heart. Mizuki’s expression, “This is a summer -like and relentless set list that makes you feel that this is a home ground. It may be called” demon “(in a series of hot songs). The smile that was irresistible was spilling. “Fun Corner -Nana Mizuki’s first ○○-“, where the selection of songs changes every day, has brushed up what was thinking for a tour that was scheduled to be held two years ago. On this day, “The first songwriting song” and “Breaking Tsubasa” were shown. It was a song released in indie at the age of 19, and it was only 22 years to sing live. Mizuki sings the song with a pop and warmth like a hotness, sings gently as biting nostalgia. Mizuki said, “The lyrics that never write now,” but the words of the lyrics, which were simply expressed in straight balls, were very familiar. By the way, in other performances, “the first anime theme song” and “the first cover song” were sung. In the middle stage, he sang a lot of songs that sang the bargaining of love and the fluctuation of an adult woman, and not only “Mizuki = strength” was fascinated by new expressions. In the song “Double Shuffle”, which expresses the betrayal and two 바카라사이트/a> -sided nature, singing up violently while turning the skirt, the 2009 song “Maria & Joker” reflects a casino -style video in the background, and has a thrilling world view of the song. Express. The excitement and thrilling, as if you came to Las Vegas, spread to the venue. Appeared in “Nanallac” imitating Cadillac with “REBOOT!”, Mizuki appeared as a phantom thief in the introduction video of Dancer Team Team YO-DA, stealing treasures and expressing the return of victory. I enjoyed it with a production that I did. In the “GUILTY” singing while performing a sexy dance afterwards, and “DNA -DANCE ‘N’ AMUSE-” on the rhythm of Latin, it is fascinated by dances that incorporate flamenco in the interlude. The clap is spread, and the danceable song is also one of the current charms of Mizuki. The only ballad “Stand by You” this time was also responsive. Only the songs that snuggle up to those holding their knees in the dark, the phrase “Dear Friends” resonates as a word dedicated to all fans. In the past three years, the Corona has been struggling as an artist and has overcome various difficulties. A gentle singing voice, such as effort, gave me the comfort of rubbing my back. This tour is an impression that the song was selected mainly with the message and live feeling included in the song. The Movie in the intermission made it feel like a voice actor, and it would have been a nice corner for fans. In this tour, the title was “Home”, and Mizuki and guest voice actors dubbed American home comedy -style images. Depending on the venue, the voice actor who served as the opponent has changed, and the guest voice actor of the day, Tomokazu Sugita, was full of ad -lib feeling, and an unbearable laugh. At the end of the game, the words “Please receive my full power” will trigger the “My Entertainment”, a sprinting song that sings the strength turned forward beyond sadness. With the images of the phoenix projected on the back, the audience, along with Mizuki, raised their fists and chorus with their hearts, and the venue was exactly united. Following the sense of unity, Mizuki himself wrote the lyrics, followed by the upper metal -style number “Apatas” and the live classic “ETERNAL BLAZE”, and the venue was filled with orange penlights. “The live is the most comfortable,” said Mizuki. He promised to “deliver songs with all his power in the future”, and the last part of the main story concluded with a pop -rock “Dreamer” full of sprinting. In the encore, “Home”, which is the tour title, was sung, and the background showed a video of the Nana Mizuki Live Runner 2020 → 2022, which was held in January for the first time in January. “HOME” is what Mizuki himself wrote lyrics based on the excitement of the live. “I really wanted to sing the scenery of everyone’s blue sea,” she said. Singing the miracle and excitement of the live in a bright and familiar atmosphere, the audience shakes the blue penlights to the left and right with Mizuki, and the venue is one with a warm mood. “HOME” indicates that the sense of unity that cannot be experienced only in the field spread in front of you. “I’m the most happy. Someday, let’s meet again with a complete body that removed the mask.” For artists, tours are part of life, and tour experience creates the next tour. For about three years, when the tour was forced to stop, Mizuki would have continued to think about what fans and what music for himself was. This tour is the answer to what I kept thinking. The set list, centered on the latest album “Delighted Reviver”, was fresh, unlike any other tour so far, and the appearance of Nana Mizuki, which was updated in the present age, was really brilliant. Shooting: KAMIIISAKA / Contents: History of Hayashi -Rin -Opening Movie -1. NEW SENSATION 2. Power Gate 3. GO Live! 4. Romancers’ NEO 5. Spiral -CHERRY BOYS Corner ~ 6. Holy Tale 7. Looking on The Moon 8. Spread the Tsubasa 9. Double shuffle 10. MARIA & JOKER 11. REBOOT! 12. GUILTY 13. DNA -Dance ‘N’ Amuse- 14. Stand by You -Short Movie ~ 15. Fire Scream 16. What you Want 17. My Entertainment 18. Apathonato 19. Eternal Blaze 20. Full power Raidy Syndrome 2. Rodeo Cowgirl 3. Home 4. No Limit

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