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Going on a trip. Singapore

At the end of last year, I was diligent in the place for a couple of months, starting with Nagano. I was wondering if there would be something left if I started to expand my knowledge and see a new opportunity, but it wasn’t. As I got older, it was more likely than I thought, and the idea that it would not be easy to leave as a bag of bags replaced the place of hungry motivation. If you delay a little bit more, you started to organize your business little by little, and the last two months of the last two months were like affairs to appease the emptyness.

In conclusion, I’m still making a bag. Three days in Singapore, which I thought it would be the moment to end the two -year affair as a bag.

It is not easy to leave a proper article because there is nothing left. It may be true that it has been right for three days or that date is correct. I just wrote the numbers engraved on the immigration stamps I found in a hurry.

Nevertheless, he is fixed to leave anything. It’s not a moment I want to remember, but it’s not easy to look back at this time unless I leave it before the other year. So I must leave it.

The plane that flew to Incheon in the middle of the day was not until midnight. Not only is it far, but it’s because of the transfer in Hong Kong. I thought of a building forest that was tightly on the narrow land, but the view of the city center from a distance is not.

After the procedure, the airport is already passing through a night, but is busy with quite a few people. As it is a Singapore located near the equator without seasonal distinction, it is changed to summer clothes in advance, but the heat that is pushed little by little makes it really south even though it did not leave the airport door.

Singapore’s cars are also located on the right. The right door of the taxi was opened and the right door of the taxi was opened like a habit. A little embarrassing eyes faced over the ceiling, dressed in a suit.

A high school motive is a developer in Singapore. It was nice to meet Koreans in a while, and thanks to a friend’s mind, two days of accommodation could be excluded from the settlement.

Tanjong waves are not far from Raffles Place, where commercial districts are concentrated. It is a friend’s work and home. This guy’s accommodation, which was not unusual from the exterior, actually had quite a lot of amenities, which is not unusual.

It was a sudden Singapore that I found so suddenly, so I didn’t even know what food was famous, and it was a short schedule that was less than ten times after all the meals. Nevertheless, the food I experienced here was more than expected. Thanks to my friend, I had little money in my wallet (this is the most important), the second was thanks to the existence of a place called Hawker Center.

If you hit Korea, it might be a food court located in a hypermarket. The atmosphere and how to use are almost the same. If there is a difference, it is better not to think about using a credit card, so it will be surprised by the cheaper price than Korea. It is never a cheap neighborhood, but at least it does not seem to be a formula in the Hawker Center.

I think there is another chicken rice that I have experienced because my friend is torching to eat. It is a good choice for those who enjoy the ingredients, but unfortunately, I am a person who has been tamed by the industrial products and artificial taste.

As a result, the noodles called ‘Locksa’ became a great option to meet my expectations perfectly. It is a very common food in the region that ends with Nesia, but I first experienced it. It’s a spicy rice noodles, but I don’t know what Koreans are universal, but I was not easy to find something more delicious. If you list the ingredients one by one, it’s not easy to imagine what’s going to taste, but what’s important is that if it’s delicious.

Hawker Center, which is not easy to exceed 4,000 won per meal, is also in Jicheon, but restaurants that are dressed up in a suit are also in and out of restaurants. This curry is a bowl in the five bowls of rock, and unfortunately the proportion of taste seems to be a log scale. Even though a friend bought it, it is a moment when the existence of the Hawker Center is grateful.

If you live, you won’t have the same heart, but this place in the eyes of the Gentiles was a place that made you think you want to live. It is also attractive that there is no history of the winter, as well as the public transportation system that is well -equipped so that there is little discomfort without a car. Above all, there are many well -made forests in this country. There are so many. It is the biggest attraction of the neighborhood that you can do it with lush recording everywhere.

Here too, it’s all over,

There was all over there. Thanks to this, it is full of vitality despite the cities of heaven and earth artificial sculptures. At least in the eyes of travelers who pass by for a while.

I think there will be more precious places in Southeast Asia. Singapore also has a history of England’s dominance. As such, you can find a building where the traces of the time remain everywhere.

It seems that I can hear a familiar melody somewhere.

The building, which is in moderation, is nearly 200 years old, is currently used as a national museum. It may have been constantly managed and constantly renovated, but nevertheless, even if it is built in recent years, the admiration is made by itself.

This is also a regular material that appears enough to be regretted without this, and it makes me steadily distracted. Singapore, the ghost of the Daedong -ah public rights, where the momentum was fierce until the two -footed atomic bomb was broken, was not avoided.

It is a trace of the Pyongyang Art Troupe who visited Singapore 40 years ago.

It’s not as sophisticated as Korea and it’s not a low price, but there’s a PC room here. At this time, he was crazy about breaking the Use Map named ‘Comkagi’ at this time.

The weather here is exceptionally capricious. Even if the beginning of the day was with the sky without a cloud, it should not be easily released.

I wanted to be tired and wanted to organize my complex thoughts. I walked and walked again, but I didn’t like the sky that was frowned upon.

Eventually, it starts to pour. I just listened to a song, but the rainwater poured into the road already flowed into a low place and hinders the road ahead. When it didn’t happen, I couldn’t do anything.

Singapore is located at the end of the Malacca Sea, and it is a place where the momentum was earned as a trade port. It is still not much different, so it is the second -largest port in the world and is the largest in transshipment. This allows you to meet the crane carrying containers anywhere. When I was able to see the container carrying my bag, I passed this place, not lamenting, and two months later, the second container carrying my bag turned to Korea.

It seems to have been seen here for the first time there are so many cruise ships gathered in one place. It is great to see from afar.

No matter how naked, hungry, and exhausted, he had run away, but he had to come to Singapore and step here.

Perhaps the scenery you have seen at least once on someone’s SNS will be reminiscent of. You’ll be the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the same as the virtue textbook that ‘Landmark’ should have.

It is so well known as a swimming pool made on the rooftop named ‘Infinite Pool’, but it is actually much more famous as a casino, and the background of this place is also a very important position. Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan -yu, who is called Singapore’s local wealth, said it could not be a casino in the land of Singapore before the soil entered the eyes. It is unknown whether the soil was sprayed in his father’s eyes (…), but 더존카지노 Li Senrung, following his father, made a casino at the hotel, and now it is one of the most important drivers for the growth of the Singapore economy. The effect was powerful.

Therefore, I can’t help but experience it. In order to experience the greatness of the new growth engine, I took off the darkness that I sat down and came back here with his friend.

I did not find it because I did it because I did something well. I changed about 100,000 won to the chip, but I seemed to have lost a meal for about an hour. It’s so cliché, but it’s so large that the end is not visible to people to enjoy casinos. The landscape seemed to have moved the idioms that seemed to be watering, but the spectacular minister is not such a spectacular view.

In the end, a senior high school senior who visited Singapore was able to stay together. My brother, who works at a hotel reservation startup like ‘Agoda’, led me to a bar next to the Infiniti pool. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, you can enter. When I borrowed Google’s power, I found out that the rooftop bar named ‘Serabi’ was located next to the Infiniti grass. I just get expensive drinks, so I can’t remember anything excited.

If you can find it without having to stay, I think this is a must -see place. There aren’t many places where the city can look around in this high place, but the landscape is not a kind of words that can be expressed in words or photographs.

Indeed, the lights of the stomachs, which are slowly crucible, brighten Singapore’s night sea. Beyond that, Indonesia is visible. It wasn’t a very unfamiliar sight, but nevertheless, it contains so many different features in my view, so I constantly boiled my heart to go out a little bigger. In the end, I decided to give one more power for my bag here.

It was so heavy, but the way back is quiet. It is just a pity that we return to Korea with the tension and excitement of starting again.

There is no way to express the window airport is really desirable. In addition to the very well -equipped facilities, there are many kinds of foods, and even cheap. That reputation is not okay.

I will come back as a bigger person. Let’s meet again Singapore.

Wherever you are, it’s pretty

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