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Episode 02 Seattle Seattle City (2)

1. Visit Seattle again

And in February 2018, I visited Seattle for the second time. It took off from Incheon International Airport a little later than 6:25 pm.

I always did, but I couldn’t sleep on board. I watched two movies. Marshall, I can speak. And I ate it, but I couldn’t sleep and fell asleep. She woke up again and ate water and banana cakes and began to balance her body. She stretched and stretched her legs. Fortunately, the next seat was empty. She has heard of an announcement that she has arrived. I was tired. It was only 9 hours and 40 minutes.

I got off at Seattle Tacoma International Airport and walked out. There was an electronic entry market right in front of 20m. I briefly entered the country. It is a central airport in Washington, centered on Seattle. It didn’t seem so big. It is adjacent to Boeing’s production plant. In the past, he served as a runway at Boeing’s aircraft production plant. Currently, only pure airport functions. And while waiting for the luggage, I heard and heard again. The announcement broadcasted all the passengers from other places such as Alaska to find their luggage.

From the airport to Airbnb accommodation, Uber Taxi decided to use Uber Taxi. But I couldn’t find the TAXI stop. In front of the airport building, I saw a building like a parking lot. I looked around here and there. I went back to the elevator, not the stairs, and it was connected to the parking lot next to the bridge. I saw a group of crew waiting for a car. It was heavy to walk while moving my luggage. I asked a black lady to guide you and kindly guided me.

There was a Uber taxi zone in the parking lot. A black young man came to greet. He greeted by checking the taxi number. He also said that he moved. I asked how long it took in the car. He replied about 25 minutes. It was raining. From October to April, I knew it was raining a lot. A black man, a Uber Taxi knight. He kindly checked the accommodation address and gave me a good luggage. The accommodation was about 35 minutes walking from Saettle Downtown. I put my luggage on the second floor.

2. Free travel in Seattle for several days

The first day walked downtown in the rain. It was about 12km to Public Market. I ate cream chow for lunch near it. There was no vacancy. I waited for the order in line. I found a place with food in the tray. It was a bit chilly, but went out and settled. It tasted good. The cloudy weather welcomed tourists.

And I walked to StarBucks Coffee Shop No. 1 nearby. Few people sitting and drinking coffee. People who bought souvenir tumblers waited in line. I waited for a while and bought two with pretty things. I couldn’t sleep on the plane, so I walked back to the hostel. I forgot to buy water and just fell asleep. I was thirsty and woke up at dawn. I ate abalone porridge from my luggage.

The second day was Saturday dawn. I was thirsty because there was no water. I waited until it was 7 am. I went to a coffee shop starbucks Reserver Shop. I ordered Coffee and fresh bread. I drank 2 cups of water in a series of thirst. Beans and roasting machines were in a large center. It was like a coffee factory. Coffee seemed to be more expensive than anywhere else. The store interior space was decorated with sales souvenirs.

And I walked downtown. I took a bus to see Troll. I changed twice. It was a monster living in a cave underground. The real car was buried at the bottom of some trolls. It was underneath the overpass. Google’s directions helped a lot. Some tourists were watching with their children. It seemed to have seen on TV broadcasts. There were common houses around them. I walked around. I took the bus back to Downtown.

I walked to the hostel. But the door was not opened at the hostel. I sent a text and called. The automatic response was received. I explained in detail. The text came again.

(Try Holding the Door in and Turning the key.

If you Still Can’t Get in I’ll HALL HAVESONE GO OPEN The Door for You.)

The door opened for a few minutes. Because of the broken handle, since then, a small pamphlet is placed between the doors.

And I visited the market right away. I walked 10 minutes. I bought bottled water, sweets, bananas and oranges. That day lunch was Izakaya Ramen. I was walking close to the hostel. I have eaten deliciously. I watched a TV connected from my laptop while resting. The surrounding area was a quiet place. I fell asleep as early as yesterday afternoon. I slept like a log.

The third day was Sunday. I woke up early in the morning and went to Downtown Moore Coffee and drank coffee. I went to Public Market near there. Others 카지노 also 10a.m. It seemed to wait for the Open time. I shopping. I bought blueberries, bananas and cherries. The price was not expensive. I bought a magnet opener attached to the refrigerator. And I rode Uber Taxi with Space Needle. It was $ 6 taxi fare. It was morning when I went.

It was a cloudy weather that rained little by little. The taxi driver said that after 4 pm, the view was good. Many people come with the lights. When I returned to the space needle, I rode Mono Rail. The fare was $ 2.50. For lunch, I lined up and ordered at the Chipote Mexican Grill near the hostel.

After eating deliciously, I went back to the market and bought water as much as yesterday. I entered the hostel early. I saw a new drama as a laptop. It was a drama about the anchor of the station. I thought the writer, PD, and actors were good. But I was hungry. I ate cherry, eat blueberries, and bananas.

The fourth day was Monday. I decided to go to Seattle Premium Outlet. There was a guidance on the Internet that the casino bus departed from the Convention Center. I waited from 9:20, but I couldn’t find the bus. The bus takes 45 minutes to outlet and pays $ 10 to give a buffet meal. It takes two hours to go to public transportation.

I decided to go hesitated. I couldn’t get a casino shuttle, but I paid $ 7.50 by bus. After about an hour, I got off to take another bus. It was a bus stop where the train station was connected. I took Uber Taxi to Seattle Premium Outlet. The fare was $ 19.00. This article was a blonde aunt who was over 60 years old.

She shopping at a small outlet. She stayed for about two hours at the Polo and COACH stores. She walked to the casino with the rain that was packaged. She walked for more than five minutes and the first floor of the big building was all casinos. There was also a lot of cigarettes. She seemed to come to Las Vegas. She passed by to the buffet restaurant. The price was $ 26.00 for two people.

She was hungry when she had a dish and an orange juice. She had a cup of coffee and took a break at 3 pm. She also charged a cell phone on the code next to the table. And she went to the guide on the first floor of the casino and was guided by a bus that she couldn’t ride in the morning. There was also a pamphlet. At about 4 o’clock she said she was going to the Convention Center in Downtown in the casino.

She waited a bit and she took the shuttle bus. She was mainly an older or Chinese people. She fell asleep as soon as she was in the car. The shuttle bus, which had been running for almost 50 minutes, stopped at the stop. She went down to the Seattle Convention Center and went to the market. I was hungry last night, so I bought a cup ramen. Drizzle fell for about 5 minutes walking to the hostel. She boiled water in a microwave, ate ramen and arranged her luggage a little.

3. Go to L.A.

The buckets we ate were all in the sink. Banana shells and orange peel are also placed in the sink. I wiped it with a towel bite in front of the bathroom bathtub. I’m tired. Yesterday, a game machine on the first floor of the casino was reminiscent of a sleeping game. I got up and got up and made a note. I wrote about the destination Downtown.

On the fifth day the next morning, I put all my luggage in my bag. I wash my hair and change my clothes. The laptop watching a TV drama was put in a bag. After a while, the entire accommodation was checked. Lacked down and called Uber Taxi on the Internet. A black lady came as an article. We said we will go from Seattle to L.A.

The black knight did not ask her, she said, she worked again after retirement. She said this year she will travel to Egypt and Israel. They said they worked and enjoyed their trips. She said she didn’t even ask, but she said that her income was $ 4,000 to $ 5,000. Seattle’s May and February were a completely different atmosphere, and the taxi driver also agreed. It was natural. Seattle said that February is often rainy. The weather in May is clear and sunny. To go to a free trip, from October to April, it was a more suitable weather for the sunset of May -June.

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