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“Casinoya natto”

It’s hot during the day today too

I weed a little in the morning in the morning

The garden is grassy and bobo, so tomorrow

I have to do it

I was taught on Peko’s blog

Casinoya natto is a direct rice gift ?

It was also sold at a business supermarket in Aichi Prefecture. ️

I bought it immediately ~

“Hitomebore” new rice 5㎏ is a lottery

300 people

Tonight, the hometown tax payment that arrived yesterday

Make a hand -rolled sushi with sashimi

It is a request for the eldest son

I will 슬롯머신사이트 prepare it

There is no delivery today

I hope there will be delivered tomorrow ❣️

This is KNN Paul Kanda!

In the first quarter of 2015 Q1 (September to December), an announcement was made to hit the highest sales of the century this century. Dawn today, Apple announced the iPad Air2 iPad Mini3 latest OS X10.10 Yosemite.

I believe that smartphones and tablets are in the era of size vulnerable ratio confrontation rather than specifications. The weight design of cheapness is important for carrying around. However, it has already been a mature product category, and it is a group that has become less different from differentiation.

The iPad mini and the iPad Air are completely denied in Jobs’s iPad philosophy, but this size can be said to be the products created by users’ voices and Andoroid marketing. The company called Apple is reflected in the product at the Apple Store, etc., but has never been made as the user says. It was a company that found the truth in the psychology behind the user’s voice.

Why can’t the latest OS Yosemite 10.10 can rise?

Developer development on Yosemite should be progressing smoothly. Already, developers are developing new software and iOS8 apps using the beta version of Yosemite …

However, there is no release of products that will dance crazy from developers … Why?

Isn’t that because the update of the upcoming OS Yosemite is only a minor update for Apple?

First of all, if I was a Tim Cook, it would have been waiting for the major version of [OS XI (11)] instead of 10.10, and the OS X9.9 was divided into small numbers and minor updates. Unlike Microsoft, we distribute OS for free, so we don’t care. One of the reasons why I can’t get up the keta is that the iPhone was born in 2007 because of the integration between OS X and iOS. That would be Apple’s biggest aim.

So I think that OS XI is the biggest goal for Apple. At that time, human behavior data would be accumulated by Apple Watch as much as Google … … And the future prediction story is here….

The latest OS Yosemite 10.10 is an apple OS for Apple …

I enjoyed the announcement of Yosemite on the WWDC. However, when the release of iOS8 could not be released at the same time, the link with iCloud was suspicious. The update group from iOS7 suffered from coordination with iCloud. Above all, I can’t find an iPhone and when I run a search for an iPhone …

An alert like this appeared. If you were stolen at this time, you would be relieved that Yosemito appeared.

Great to see the new features of Yosemito! Although it reacted, it was already a sense of observing …

The search at Safari has already been used in Google Chrome for several years, and has gained a lot of things with a third -party plug -in and has gained an experience that can never return to Safari. Maps, calendars, and emails have already disappeared in Google. Conversely, if you try to link with Apple genuine products, you need to do various intermediary. Will Spotlight search for Wikipedia, Bing, and iTunes on Spotlight? If you use Bing, you will usually google (laughs). Both MailDrop and iCloud Drive have already been resolved in Evernote and Dropbox. Especially, isn’t Message etc. in time on LINE or Facebook?

The problem is that the splendor of Yosemite is that you put all the abilities to enhance the Apple app? 。 Not only Apple products, but also all applications are not a problem to use only Apple native genuine products. But even a little, it doesn’t seem like a gospel for those who use other non -genuine services and services.

Is Apple a platformer or a manufacturer?

There are many good things about Apple, and it is clear that we are trying to provide users the best environment. However, those response has always been delayed. The follow -up function of Android has also become noticeable. Also, that may be the appearance of exclusive rivals against Google and Amazon.

Despite being a platformer, I feel that there is a lot of OS -level and favored apps and services. Even if Microsoft once spread the IE of the browser in Windows95, you can see it as a GUI monkey mane OS.

If you are a hardware maker and an app and content market plot former, shouldn’t it not only follow the flat design, but also the regulation is always flat?

Perhaps now, if Apple makes Surfacert with Apple Service alone, it will be perfect.

But Apple has no LINE, no Facebook or Twitter. Finally, in cooperation with iOS8 and Yosemito, I was able to call the outer world (and communication carrier line) from the Mac to the outside world like Skype. In the past, Macintosh was cheap without calling an NTT operator with a software called [Teresearch 104] (laughs).

And no one is gone …

Yes, there are fewer developer intervention, and an app creator is an Apple program platformer. The only major Mac development is the iPhone case and accessories. Claris is gone and Claris Works is gone. And it was only Microsoft Office. If you think you are away from the office, the honeymoon will continue … However, Office2011 three years ago is the latest version. Both Pages, Number, and Keynote are excellent, but they get angry from society if they can not be opened by email. FinalcutPro, which was a high -end video editing, became IMOVIEPRO (laughs), and the stupid macpro, which was compatible with various slot cards, has become a trash bin body that is not made by professional cards.

Indeed, it is important to steer Tim Cook in the future. A platform with an Apple Propriet -like idea in Disneyland ethics for Android apps that have no developers and have a turbid app.

It turns the comfort of Apple’s environment created by the exquisite tuning between hardware and OS from the CPU development. However, the closer the application environment running on it, the more you need to be prepared to take you until you die, along with the supreme ecstasy. Yes, Apple must be a company that is fascinated by technology, not a marketing element. There is no point in becoming a cathedral and bazaar.

There is no need to hurry to install Yosemito in a hurry to me now. Naturally, new OS has a good risk of defect. However, Apple’s Macintosh OS had a drug -like magic that would make you want to install it, even if you take such a danger. I wanted to experience the pleasure of the machine after inserting the OS as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Yosemite cannot feel the magic. I have no courage to make the replacement life of Google and SNS only from scratch to Apple. I don’t feel the need to do what 휴대폰바카라 I can do elsewhere. If you are not Apple who can do what you can’t do elsewhere … but next year, AppleWatch will be able to analyze human behavior for the first time comprehensively and objectively. There is no doubt that Yosemite and iOS8 will be the starting point.

Today, I decided to install Yosemite as Yosumite.